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Default Re: Fedora Core 2 drivers (possibly a solution)

some comments from redhat devs

Arjan said, "preempt doesn't help for the desktop (1ms to 0.8ms latency you don't notice *at all*) but that 4K stacks does make a big dent"
on 4k stack performance.

please nvidia, speed up our desktop with a 4k compat driver!


just read that 4K stacks should work, but one have to disable regparm with 5336
drivers. will try it asap.

for users with a stock fedora core 2 kernel (which has regparm enabled), the 5341 drivers from
with the minion patch from should do the trick.
the readme of that patch says:
"The 1.0-5341 driver release supports Linux 2.6 kernels out-of-the-box,
unless they are built with CONFIG_REGPARM enabled. This patch fixes this
incompatibility (if you're uncomfortable with unofficial patches, just
disable CONFIG_REGPARM and rebuild the target kernel)."

good luck!

update 2 update:
tried with 4k enabled and its NOT working for me.
back to 2.6.6 without 4k stacks.
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