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Default Re: GeForce 5650 GO - Linux (gentoo) problems

I found the solution to run the nvidia drivers. Altough i tought i tried them before it's the solution you can find on more places:
* use 2.6.5 or a 2.6.6 kernel source where you can select the stack size (in kernel hacking) (re-make/install offcourse)
* do NOT select 4k instead of 8k stack size in the kernel hacking section of your menuconfig
* make sure you point /usr/src/linux to your current kernel folder
* re-emerge nvidia-kernel and nvidia-glx
After you reboot they 'should' work (worked here, altough it didn't work earlier when i tried, might be a mistake on my fault tough ;-)
(opengl-update offcourse and modify your xfree/xorg config)

Another solution is to wait for an nvidia driver which supports 4k stack size and use nv drivers for the time beeing.
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