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Default glxgears makes x to crash

Hi all,
I have problems with opengl issue...
I install successfully the latest nvidia driver in my Slack 9.1 with Xfree 4.3 and kernel 2.4.22; everything works fine, nvidia logo appears, nvidia module is loaded, agpgart is loaded too.
When I try something opengl related the problem start: if I do an "glxinfo" some strange disturbing lines appear on my monitor and If I try to run "glxgears" after few seconds the monitor freezes and my mouse and my keyboard don't respond...I have to restart the system...
I read the NVidia readme, I checked the symlink and lib and everything seems to be there, glxinfo says dri is running...
I've tried also redhat 9 and debian and I've got the same problem....In win I have no problem, so I think it's not a hardware issue.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
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