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Default Re: nvidia - Linux based graphics card

You obviously know next to nothing about graphic cores, do you?

Why do you think a fully OGL2 compliant card w/o DX9 would save transistors? Do you believe the marketing joke about DX9 features in hardware? There's no such thing, and there's not even a single fully OGL2 compliant core available yet, 'cause OGL2 does everything DX9 does and a whole lot more!

Second, do you have any idea what it takes to develop such a core? It would cost quite a few millions of dollars, a few thousand man-hours, and for what? For 5-10% of the 2-5% Linux desktop users? A single card would be prized anywhere between a Ferrari F50 and a Lear Jet that way...

The only way to do something like this is already available: It's called MESA and a simple framebuffer card (like a S3 Trio or ATI Mach64). But this is no option if you're in this for performance... ;-)
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