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Lightbulb about the 1.0-5336 black screen when switchin to a console.


i got this problem like everybody else , if ure in x and switching to a console the screen becomes black, or it gets filled with some green/grey ****ty things.

ive looked around here in hours for a solution, but i couldnt find it, untill i saw hardcores reply to a guy,
" Common problem solved by putting:
Option "IgnoreDisplayDevices" "TV"
in your XF86Config
well, i just wanted to say it directly here so everybody could see it,
the black screen/green/gray dots problem with newest driver does only appear when u have the TV connected.
so u have 2 choices either u do like hardcore said, ( wich by the way, didnt work good for me ) or u simply disconnect the s-video cable (like i have done) and waits for nvidia to get yet another driver out, with hopefully this little problem solved.
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