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Default Re: nvidia 5536 driver on kernel 2.6.6, not working. please help me

I've experienced alot of system lockups and other weirdness with the 53.36 and 2.6.x series of kernels. I've finally given up and rolled back to the 53.28 drivers. They seem to be just as fast and don't cause my machine to hard lock.

I seriously doubt it's hardware because within the last 2 weeks, I've changed to a new motherboard and processor and a new power supply. My linux installation hasn't changed during the upgrade.

I had problems with Mandrake 10 Community release on kernel 2.6.3-x, and am experiencing issues again with kernel 2.6.6-2. Sometimes X will freeze and I can ssh in from another machine and reset it, sometimes X just will not start again. I realize the 2.6.x branch of kernels are super new and Nvidia doesn't do much of anything quickly (on the linux side) so I'm giving them a break here. As long as older drivers work predictably, I'll deal with it.

To summarize, if 53.36 is giving you problems, rollback.
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