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Unhappy Problem with glx on debian: glxgears hangs (knoppix3, nvidia 5336)


I run Knoppix 3.3 (similar to Debian Sid) and I have GeForce 2 MX on board. Already downloaded NVIDIA 5336 driver and installed it (with Nvidia installer). All the changes in X xonfiguration file are done according to the Nvidia README manual (driver=nvidia, glx+, dri-, GLcore-).

Problem: glxgears shows chaotic colorful screen (in full-screen mode) and hangs whole system completely - I need hard reboot! However, glxinfo seems to output proper values (to me, at least).

There is no old libglx.a library version in extensions subdirectory.

I've tried with NvAGP = 1 and 3 (default, I suppose) - both with the same effect: X-Windows run smoothly, glxgears hangs the whole system.

No meaningful error/warning messages in X server start log apart from strange "Failed to verify AGP usage" line. However, when running xdpyinfo I can not see NVIDIA-GLX extension (maybe it is no longer needed with 5336 drivers, is it?).

I attach X log file, my X config file, glxinfo and xdpyinfo outputs below. I hope somebody know the right solution.
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