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Default Re: Fedora Core 2 - lockup problems

Originally Posted by grash
Originally Posted by LordMorgul
This is ultimately an nVIDIA problem, and presumably will be fixed soon.
Sorry, you are wrong. This is a Fedora/RedHat issue. The 5336 drivers work on Debian and SuSE and any stock 2.6 kenel. Whether or not NVIDIA should open source their drivers is certainly open for debate, but do not try to pin this one on NVIDIA. It's Fedora/RedHat that modified the kernel source to suit their needs thus breaking the NVIDIA driver. If NVIDIA modifies their driver to work with Fedora/RedHat then good for them.
No I am not.. your point is valid for now only but not for the near future. I did not say that nVIDIA caused the problem, but it is nevertheless a problem that nVIDIA should.. and only nVIDIA can.. fix -> an nVIDIA problem. I did not in any way blame nVIDIA for the problem's existence or for the 'late' timing of a fix, I am just pointing out that Fedora did not create the problem itself.. the mainline kernel did / is / will be.

Red Hat developers chose to use Fedora Core 2 as a cutting-edge platform to push this stock Linux kernel change forward, they did not develop anything specific to Fedora in that regard.. the change is in the stock kernel source and approved by the mainline kernel developers for the near future as a permanent change. Might they change their minds and not make the change? Sure, they might, but at present that does not look likely.

The other distros you mention work now because they decided not to enable the option which is slated for change as a default... it is to their benefit now, perhaps, but it will be Fedora's support of this change that helps to mainstream it. If noone accepts and tests/uses the technology changes made in the stock kernel they remain unusable... that will not be the case for 4K Stack frames and Register Parameters.
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