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Default Re: AquaMark3 image quality comparison

Umm I am not trying to be rude or unappreciative of the work MikeC has put into this but what exactly is the point of all this? The chart shows the difference values between the different modes...this means nothing in my eyes. Of course Trilinear Filtering will be different than Anisotropic Filtering and so on. The number just shows how different the two screens are.

I don't see how these numbers will be of any significance when the X800 is added as the two cards use different algorithms which will produce different results. There is no correlation between the two different cards with those numbers unless you are comparing to a refrast image there is no true baseline for comparison. The only way those numbers would be valid for comparing is if you get a number by comparing refrast to a 6800 running Trilinear and then you get a number by comparing refrast to a X800 running Trilinear. This type of comparison would clearly illustrate the differences between the various IHV implementations.

The biggest difference seen is between Trilinear and any Anisotropic mode and I don't think any of you will argue that the Anisotropic modes are much sharper and overall more pleasing to the eye. I appreciate the work that MikeC has done especially with regards to the pictures as they show the differences between the modes quite well.
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