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Default Re: AquaMark3 image quality comparison

Originally Posted by Razor04
Umm I am not trying to be rude or unappreciative of the work MikeC has put into this but what exactly is the point of all this? The chart shows the difference values between the different modes...this means nothing in my eyes. Of course Trilinear Filtering will be different than Anisotropic Filtering and so on. The number just shows how different the two screens are.
Did you read the first paragraph of Mike's initial post? (see below)

Originally Posted by MikeC
The following information is based on various image quality tests that I ran last night. I really didn't have a plan of attack when I started, but I knew it was going to be related to the Radeon X800 Pro and the stories we've been reading in regards to texture filtering. This series of tests may not lead to anything, but I have some free time this weekend and I felt this would be an interesting experiment.
Your opinion is fine and I'm sure others will echo it. However, many others will find this to be very interesting and potetially telling. Mike has a history of being very thorough and professional regarding things of this nature. So, let's just all sit back and wait for the X800 Pro results before we start questioning anything.
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