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Default Complete Linux Newbie Question (long and boring, only the adventurous need apply)

First off, I'll start by saying I'm sorry... I am a complete newb to linux and have no idea what I am doing. If you want to attempt to answer my question, please keep this in mind... that I have no idea what I am doing yet on this platform. I've already reinstalled the whole system 3 times after screwing it up beyond repair. So now I'm trying to tread lightly, but I'm still learning. So, please bare with me. <<<

As a short intro... hi, my name is Mark... I've been an avid Mac user for about 18 years now. But hardware prices made me switch to an AMD64 system, with a 5900XT video card. My whole setup was a touch over 1 grand... the same power on Mac platform would have been over 3 grand. 'nuff said...

BUT, being a long time Mac user, I tried, but I just couldn't stand seeing that Window$ startup screen. Sorry... it's in my Mac blood. So, I thought I'd take a crack at Linux. Having an Athlon64, I figured what the heck, I got Suse Linux 9.1 Pro, a full 64bit flavor.

So, now the problem...
I got everything I want running so far... email, web, gimp... but whenever I try to run the 3D games that were installed (TuxRacer, etc.) it tells me I don't have 3D hardware set up. SO, I come here and download the driver...
And the instructions on the download page tell me to type "sh" to install the driver, then edit your X86Config file as appropriate"

Okay, I'm a complete newb... I try this in the Run Command... first, but nothing. I then discover the Terminal Program. I try it there, and it again doesn't work, but I get the drift I'm closer... the error message just says it can't find the file, so I just gotta figure out how to tell it where the file is.

So, I start thinkin' I'm a genius, 'cus I right click on the window I downloaded the file to, and I notice under the Actions submenu there is a command Run Terminal Here...

God I'm good, I say to myself, but, DOH, same error message.

So, having so much trouble, I decide to read the more detailed instructions on the link on the download page...
Before beginning the driver installation, you should exit the X server.
In addition you should set your default run level so you will boot to a
vga console and not boot directly into X (please consult the documentation
that came with your Linux distribution if you are unsure how to do this;
this is normally done by modifying your /etc/inittab file). This will
make it easier to recover if there is a problem during the installation.
After installing the driver you must edit your XF86Config
exit the what as a what into the what and edit the what? Ummm, I'm in over my head. So the question is....
A) can someone easily tell me what I'm doing wrong, or
B) is there a Linux for complete idiots book I should get, or
C) should I just run screaming back to an easier OS

Thanks for your time.... I hope at the very least you got a chuckle seeing how computer illiterate some people are...
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