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Post Update: Kano's scripts do not help either

Yet another update.

I've recently found and tried Kano scripts from (I've got knoppix3.3):


Both of them do not help . Everything seems to bo ok as previously: Nvidia libraries installed, AGP supported, neither error nor significant warning messages in XFree startup log BUT no 3D application work.

I've tried three of them: tuxracer, glxgears and a demo of 3D Ogre engine - all of them hangs the system, this time with a black screen (display goes off) instead of fuzzy colorful screen. The same occurs while trying both agpgart and nvidia nvagp modules.

More info: my kernel is 2.4.19, my card is detected as "GeForce 2 Ti", I've got VIA motherboard with AGPx2 port (the speed is detected correctly, see the previous post). Is it maybe a problem with my kernel version. Although I fear 2.6.5/6 a bit because I see many post from people having problem with this version and NVIDIA drivers...

Anybody experianced the same? Anyone has a slightest hint what to try next? I would appreciate the answer much.
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