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Angry SuSE9.1+53.36+Maya5 problem

Hi guys,
I've been having some problems with SuSE9.1 kernel2.6.4 and nvidia 53.36.
I've installed Maya 5.0,and at first,it wouldn't start,cuz of err,but when I've put all the compat libs,and added setenv LD_assume_KERNEL 2.4.1 in /usr/aw/maya5.0/bin/Maya5.0 script,maya started,even when i set LD_assume_KERNEL 2.6.1 ,BUT when I try to maximize a viewport,I get a blank viewport,nothing is drawn.Every single viewport acts the same except top view.It's the only view that maximizes properly.
So I did some testing to see whats causing the problem,and this is what happened:
When I start a new scene,and create-a simple nurbs sphere,I CAN maximize every viewport properly in shaded,textured,wireframe etc.,but when I add a material to my sphere,AND give it some color,THEN I CANNOT maximize vieports,except again,top view.Thats the only view that works properly,all others are blank.
This worx with every material that I've put,and I tried to inst.old nvidia driver,but I assume It's not 2.6.x supporting.
Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem???
I have GeForce4 mx 440 agp8x 128mb tvout,and it worked well on suse9.0 kern 2.4.21-99.
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