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Default Re: Nvidia 5336 driver with Fedora Core 2

Originally Posted by baz2a

Just got NVIDIA 5336 drivers working on GeForce FX 5600, FC 2 Final, kernel 2.6.6 (yes that's kernel 2.6.6 I said) and KDE 3.2.2. Posted results in forum. Take a look if having probs. with FC2 and NVIDIA.

Ben Z
I have not had problems getting the kernel from and compiling it, since it still [temporarily] allows 8K stacks (as a default). The problem is that the stock kernel on the Fedora distribution was tested with 4K stacks and was released that way since that is the direction things are headed. 4K stacks allow Java (and other threaded) applications to work more efficiently. Unfortunately nVidia will only work on drivers on release versions so someone always has to take a hit (distribution-wise).
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