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Default Re: Complete Linux Newbie Question (long and boring, only the adventurous need apply)

If you haven't already done the other steps, install the update "Download Nvidia(R) Graphics Driver" from YaST Online Update (In KDE go to KMenu->System->YaST, enter your root password in the box, and click on "Online Update" from there.) This will allow you to circumvent installing the driver from the text installer and can be easier. You will still need to set the card to use the driver from the text mode. Switching to the console-only mode can be done more easily by following these instructions than by editing files with vi:
1.) Log out of KDE or Gnome.
2.) Hit CTRL-ALT-F1 (or F2, F3, F4, F5, or F6, it doesn't really matter)
3.) Log in there as "root" (use your root password), then type:

init 3

Doing so will close out the graphics system and get into the same mode as editing the file and restarting. Hit "Enter" when it tells you that "Runlevel 3 has been reached" to show the normal command prompt there. If you have already installed the driver from YaST Online Update, type:

sax2 -m 0=nvidia

to set up your graphics card to use the drivers. By following these steps you can use SuSE's easy utilities (these are not included with other distributions, so the other person to reply may not have had access to them). SuSE is one of the easiest distributions to configure (not that there aren't other good ones, or that SuSE is the best distribution for all people, or anything like that.) On the next restart, you will get into graphics mode as usual (because without editing the file the change in mode only takes effect until the next restart).

BTW, in order to try the other instructions you first need to install the package "kernel-source" from YaST. This is not necessary if you are using my instructions.

FYI, using YaST Online Update skips the manual installer, while using "sax2 -m 0=nvidia" skips manually editing the XF86Config file.
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