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Thumbs up ***Solved*** Kernel 2.6.6+ and NF7-S crashing

Anyone gotten 2.6.6 or 2.6.7-rc1 to run on an Abit NF7-S V1.1 ? I can compile and boot (generally) but the system hard locks/hangs 3 sec - 5 minutes in.

I have 2.6.6-rc2 running just fine. Runs for weeks on end with no problems but I can't get 2.6.6 or 2.6.7-rc1 to run. With or without Nvidia graphics driver.

I originally converted my 2.6.6-rc2 config and have also started with a fresh config. No joy.

I've updated the bios to the nf7-25 - no change.

I've booted with acpi_skip_timer_override, pci=noacpi, noapic, nolapic, vdso=0, acpi=off idle=C1halt and it still crashes. Have compiled excluding ACPI and it crashes. I've also used various combinations of the above switches with the same result.

All builds with 8Kstack and no regparm.

Fedora Core 1 base with updates and straight 2.6.6 & 2.6.7-rc1 code.

Any ideas or am I just going to have to live with 2.6.6-rc2 on this box? (Since it runs well - not a bad option but ...)

Ideas ??????

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