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Default mandrake 10 final and FX5700Q problems

I have just recently upgraded my aging Geforce Ti 200 for a barand new Geforce FX5700Q graphics card. I currently have the card working if i disable agp, all 3D functions work. When AGP is enabled 3D still works but for only about 10 -15 seconds and then the desktop locks, no keyboard. Any ideas why this would be happening? Would a future driver release be likely to address this problem?
For now its not a real problem as my system is usable but not being able to get the full performance from my $300 AUD card is frustrating.
I have been through all the threads of people with similar problems and so far have been unable to find a solution.
My system runs an Asus A7v133 main board, sdram 512mb, Athlon 1800+, adaptec scsi card, 73 gig ibm scsi hdd, scsi dvdrom, scsi cdrw. Mandrake 10 all latest bug fixes, updates, security updates installed.
Any suggestions on how to enable AGP with out the lock ups would be appreciated.
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