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Default Re: Thief 3 Deadly Shadows Thread

Folks, maybe it's just that I have never played the thief series, but I dont like this game.

Maybe it's because the Xbox version runs between 15-25 fps.

The game itself is standard fair for stealth. I have a few squirks with the Animations of the guards studdering a bit.

Ok, the frame rate is the glaring problem with the game. I can't seem to figure out why Ninja Gaiden ran at 60 fps, yet this one cant hold 30?

Yeh, yeh, dynamic lighting, self casting shadows; looks pretty, but I bet it's the cause of the frame rate issues.

If it wasn't for the frames, Id actually enjoy this game.

Another thing that makes me against the game; I dont have a set of night vision googles (Just got done playing SC:PT, and it sux walking in the dark, not being able to see clearly.

o well, not using this as flamebait, just giving my opinion, from someone who has never played the thief series.

EDIT: Wish I could have played a demo disc before plucking down $50 on this(I just hate beta testing)
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