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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by cstring
good read !
thank you for the info.

I was told not to flash my bfgfx5900xt oc to an 5950 ultra bios
if the pcb was p177, I wasnt told why though, and the pcb # is p 177h-4n.
Not sure if that'll mean anything to you or not?

Could you possiably enlighten me?
your card may flash fine with a 5950u bios ?? Not all XT type cards are manufactured to the same design, and it has been found over time that some can be flashed successfully with a 5950u bios ? But obviously because of certain constraints in the XT card, it will never work anywhere near the performance of a 5950u !

The original and main reason a XT card wont flash with a5950u bios is because its memory stock speed is 950MHz and there is no way a XT's memory chips with a spec of 2.8ns and rating of 714MHz is going to like the 5950u 950MHz level ?? Which is why quite some time ago, I made available a number of 5950u bios's with underclocked core and memory speeds, specifically for the purposes of XT owners trying just such a flash.

Some newer XT type cards actually have excellent 2.2ns memory chips fitted. If your card has these faster chips and are lucky enough to successfully flash with a 5950u bios, then performance comparable to a 5950u can be achieved.

But for most XT owners, the best way forward is usually to introduce some of the bios changes I have outlined and just overclock both core and memory ?


all XT type cards use PCB types p177 and the original 59xx series cards used p172 types. And as I said, a lot of XT type cards won't work with 5950u bios and some have.

Theres a huge thread over a Guru forum which may show you someone who has flashed your card to a 5950u ??
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