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Default GeForce4 Owners: Need your TV Encoder & Board Info... please!


I've been trying to identify the GeForce4 boards(s) with the highest quality S-Video TV output. The work I've done to date has been on RedHat Linux 7.3 with the 4.2.0 XFree86 and nVidia drivers/GLX version 1.0-2960. So far, I've tried 3 different boards from 3 different manufacturers and gotten widely varying results. Each of the boards appears to have a different TV Encoder chip and I'm betting boards with the same encoder chips will have similar output qualities.

So far, the best quality I've seen (In my opinion) has come from a GeForce4 MX420 with what would appear to be only the integrated nVidia TV Encoder. The other encoders I've seen are a Philips and a Brooktree; however, my opinion is that the boards I have with these chipsets don't seem to put out imagery that is as sharp and readable (Actually, I was only able to get composite out of the Brooktree for some reason, so I'm really not sure about its S-Video Quality). In short, I'm really impressed with the quality of the NVIDIA TV Encoder based board over the others I've seen to date. To this end, I'm really interested in determining which TV Encoder each manufacturer has put on each of their boards. I know the Philips and Brooktree encoders are supposed to have more capability for the HDTV crowd; however, I'm not interested in HDTV! Since this encoder information doesn't appear to be readily available from all the manufacturers, I'd appreciate a hand from other GeForce4 owners.

If anyone knows of a URL charting manufacturer, board, and TV Encoder information, I'd appreciate knowing what the URL is; otherwise, I'd appreciate hearing from other GeForce4 owners about their board manufacturer, model, TV Encoder Info, and board TV connector information. I'm not sure where to look on the Windows OS for this information, but for the Linux users this information may be found in the /var/log/XFree86.0.log file. The particular line of interest is something to the effect of "TV Encoder detected" followed by the encoder manufacturer and/or model information. Thanks in advance for helping sort through the various manufacturer, model, TV Encoder, connector combinations!

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