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Unhappy Sigh. Search issue...

RPM is a valid search string (nVidia drivers for Linux use RPM), but I'm not allowed to search for RPM as a string.

Please - allow 3 characters as lower limits on searches.

Pardon my being blunt, but having to join yet another forum, just so I can make 2 posts, gets anoying as all get out, especially when:
A] one of the posts is to point out the search string lower limit is rather restrictive, and
B] the second post might not be necessary if the search function would allow RPM to be included as a legitimate string (if I could search for 'without RPM' I might have answered my question).

So now 2 posts could possible have been avoided, and definitely one post was not necessary (this one). I'd love to not bother moderators (having been a moderator once myself), but this configuration forced the matter to be what it is. And I have yet another membership: I have over 130 login memberships to track as of today. HAGD.
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