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Default Re: Fedora Core 2: Solution without compiling kernel

Originally Posted by munsen
From what I understand, The 4k patch added significant speed to the desktop. Does anybody else think this really isnt much better than using FC1 with newer packages and a new kernel? Dont get me wrong, I will be upgrading tonight finally, but I'm just not sure this is the ideal solution.
It is not an ideal situation, however there are many changes in FC2 as opposed to FC1 using a 2.6 kernel.. updated glibc and a kernel built on gcc3.3.x are two huge issues.

The comments in the kernel changelog and in the LKML that I read suggest the 4K stack change was not primarily for desktop speed or response times.. it is a change to vastly improve system scalability (aimed at highly multithreaded apps such as network servers). Register Parameters may have a more direct effect on desktop performance.. the newer updates to the scheduler are actually where the best gains in desktop 'response' and 'speed' come from.
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