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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by Fahim
Its ok, jimmor is really doing great for us. I'm just worried abt my 5900xt, as if volt mod will done any damage to the card, nothing else.
the only voltmod you have to worry about with your card, is the hardwired voltmod by soldering resistors accross the core and memory regulators !! Not everybody gets this right, and cards have actually been killed this way !

however if you are careful, then make sure you don't set GPU volts higher than 1.6V in 3D. Its not necessary to go any higher and you are going to cause a lot of extra heat which must be removed, or your card is just going to continually overtemp ! Also, don't try to increase the memory volts, as it won't achieve much, other than, if you go slightly too high, killing memory chips !

And for your information, there are no voltmodded bios's that can harm your card ? All my bios mods were done in such a way that it will either work for your card or do nothing ! And because of the design of most XT type cards it unfortunately means it will do nothing !!!! It will however work 100% with all the original XT type cards that were based on the 5900nu design !!

Also, interestingly and/or maybe just a placebo effect; when I gave many XT owners voltmodded and non_voltmodded bios's, most of them gave feedback that the voltmodded version worked best ??
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