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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by Fahim
Jimmor, I need you help. Please comment on this idea:

01. By changing all 3x8 memory frequency values, I can change memory frequencies for all 3 modes - 2D, Throttling & 3D. But, if I leave memory frequencies from 1-st block untouched, and change values only in 2-nd and 3-rd (3D) block, theoretically memory will be overclocked only in 3D and throttling modes. Is it right???

02. Throttling can be disabled by changing core frequency value in 2-nd block the same as in 3D mode (3rd block) right??

03. If 2nd idea is correct, then i can set 2nd block suppose 475MHz for throttling & set 3D clock to 500MHz. In this way performance drop will not be much and card will be safe.

Jimmor, please, comment on my ideas.

In theory, your first idea of setting the 2D memory at a diff speed from all other modes should work. However I suspect that during games etc, with system continually switching back and forth between 2D and 3D modes, that you will find all memory speeds will be set by the driver to either the 2D or 3D value ? I have already tried this, then run many tests, and it happened to me ! In my case, I only did it from interest, and when it didn't stay set I didn't really care ? However it was a period when I was also trying many diff drivers ---> so who knows ??? Try it yourself and see, It won't do any harm to your card !!!!!

Your second idea is essentially correct !! Throttling is not disabled by setting it to 3D speed ! It just means that if triggered during a game or high stress graphics activity, nothing much graphically speaking should happen since the core speed won't change ! But if you keep stressing your card to a level that continually triggers the throttling function, which is usually when overclocked/overstressed too far, then other artifacts/glitches/lockups may happen ?? The moral being, regardless of whether throttling is suppressed, never overclock your card too far or overstress/overtemp it ???

and third idea is fine ! But as I said above, watch that you don't overstress or overtemp your card ? The 500MHz you are running your card at is a good bit higher than a real 5950u and it is fitted with much better heatsinking/cooling than your card; and its not there just because it looks good ?


also, when using bios mods to overclock your card remember to make sure the driver_coolbits and Rivatuner overclocking facilities are not selected as either will try to override the bios at bootup !!!
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