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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by Fahim

01. My first idea is not functioning. Memory is fixed at 700MHz regardless of 2D/3D.

02. in the bios, memory latency is set at 07 03 0F 43. Should I change it to 07 03 0F 40???

03. Throttling can be set at 3D Clock. I did and @ 500MHz, 3DMark03 freezes. It will run fine on 485MHz. At 485MHz, I measured the temp. is 67C while ambient temp. is 33C.

04. My MSI FX 5900XT Memory is Hynix 2.5ns. At 850MHz, memory temp. is 71C. What temp. is safe for it???

05. What clock settings you prefer now in these conditions. I'm thinking about 450 Core but not sure about memory, it depends on you.

Thanks for the reply. I'm greatful to you.
1. What mode (2D/Throttling/3D) in the bios do you have set for 700 ??

2. yes, change latency from 43 to 40 !

3. Most of my MSI bios mods were set for 3D of 485 or less because their owners found this speed best ?? Your choice of 500, was your choice ?? Before considering a set value for the bios, it is most important that you either find out what stable speed your card can do, or, research what other people found with their MSI5900XT cards ??

4. Your memory will survive 71C ! By the way, how are you measuring it with any accuracy, since there are no memory temp sensors ??

Also, with your card, and if I were you, I would be thinking about fitting some sort of heatsinking to memory chips ? Some people have just fitted simple ram sinks and then placed a fan to blow air over them ??

5. for set speeds, start at 300/450/820 and increase core in 10MHz steps till you reach 490 and test stability/performance ? It will be fine to just run Aquamark03 as it doesn't take long ! But to stress your card, it is necessary to set the driver manually to 8xAA and 8xAF for all testing !

Also, use coolbits for overclocking as it wont be necessary to reboot everytime you raise the core by 10MHz. Don't use rivatuner as overclocking with it prematurely triggers the throttling function, for which you will need to reboot everytime before making any performance tests !
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