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Originally posted by Jazz

he was going around in all the threads calling people stupid and insulting the site and sayin the nv30 is much better than the r300. I ain't got a problem with his nv30 comments but i do think he is an idiot for insulting other members. Might be abit of humour for nvidia fanboys but annoying for unbiased people like myself.
I don't go to Rage3D
And yes, it was meant to be humorous, nothing else. I am amazed however at the number of people that still insist those pics were actually rendered on an NV30.
I don't doubt that they can. Look how 3d has come since the TNT man, and you don't expect it'll get there?
I admit I could be wrong, but if its as significant as NVidia leads one to believe, I don't doubt it.
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