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Default Re: about to buy nForce3 250Gb

didn't know there were complications with linux+250gb.

this really comes down to personal taste, but personally i would put gentoo on it. i feel gentoo is much more efficiant, and is as close to bloat-free as you can get (if it becomes bloated, it's your own fault). redhat/mandrake i feel have always been highly desktop oriented operating systems... for a server; i personally wouldn't get rh or mdk near it, heh.

my close second for servers is slackware. slackware is a sexy distro, and if all you want is cmd line, it will have no problems with that. slackware is one of the most "unix-like" distro there is. in other words, it's bare bones, heh.

that's about all i can say about the issue though, really it all comes down to a personal preference... you may feel better using a different distribution, which may be good. the main reason why i try not to encourage using "bloated" distros for a server alone is because it will take a lot of hard drive space, and the more software you have, the higher chance you are suseptable to security flaws in the programs.

anyway, good luck.
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