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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by Fahim
I'm using Coolbits. Rivatuner is better to see pipeline configuration but coolbits is best for NVIDIA cards to overclock.

I'm wondering why memory is heated more than Core (C: 65C / M: 71C)???

So, you think 850MHz is safe for Hynix 2.5ns? I thought it is 50MHz more than official rating.

My card is rock stable at 485MHz, If i set my clock at 450/475MHz, do you think i need to set a lower throttling speed??

Thanks a lot, Jimmor.
Memory is hotter than the core simply because your memory chips have no heatsinks. And now that you have told me how you are monitoring it, I suggest you reduce it. Since you are measuring it on an outside surface, we can assume that the actual chip die could be running 10-15c or more higher, and thus unhealthy when considering the hopefully long life expectancy of your card ?

the 850MHz memory speed is well within the capabilities of 2.5ns memory chips, but its not the speed that is your problem, it is the accompanying heat ? So, if you are not going to fit ramsinks then I would suggest running your memory no higher than 830MHz !

if your core is good and stable at 485, but you want to allow a bit for safety, then by all means set it to 475. It will run a bit cooler at this speed. And setting the throttling speed at the same level will be fine !
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