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Default Re: "(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module!" and /dev/nvidia

The files /dev/nvidia* are dynamically created at the start-up of the system by the "nvdia" module", IF THIS MODULE HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY LOADED.

To ensure that you have correctly installed this module, type the following command (when logged as 'root') :
$ modprobe nvidia
Then, see if the file /dev/nvidia* are present.

If so, you must configure your kernel to load the "nvidia" module at start-up.

This can be done by adding the line "nvidia" at the end of the file "/etc/modules" , if you use the kernel 2.4 or lower or in the file "/etc/modules.preload" (I am not sure of the exact name)if you use the kernel 2.6.

Hope this will help
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