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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by rewt
jimmor, first of all very good thread. thanks for taking the time to help us get the most out of our FX 5900s and 5950s!

regarding the separate 2d/3d memory speeds... could it be possible that it is not working for Fahim because his is an XT type card? I realize you have tested this on a 5950 bios, but was wondering on which type card? a 5900 NU? U? or XT? or maybe even had this tested on all cards?

I've been doing some more editing to my original BIOS, and seem to have increased my shader performance greatly! I've tested with both 5950 bios and 5900 bios and am getting considerable more FPS in shadermark with the 5900 bios. The odd thing is, I am now scoring higher with 5900nu BIOS (modded clock/latency/volts w/ 60.72 Forceware) than I am with 5950u BIOS (modded latency w/ 61.11). I am liking it because the 60.72 do look and function much better overall. Thing I don't like is the higher temps

No prob's rewt, glad to help ! As I have said many times, no point in having knowledge or information if your not prepared to share it !!

All my mods and testing can only be done with a 5900nu card, because that is what I have ! I originally didn't want to get involved with any kind of XT mods, bios or otherwise, simply because I don't have a XT card; never mind the 20 or so diff versions of XT out there ? But sometimes you just try and help regardless !

However this means that the only way I can help XT owners is for them to do the testing and provide feedback ? But it also means I wont propose anything risky to a XT owner that I may be quite happy to do to my own card !!

So yes, it may be that a XT has problems running the memory at diff memory speeds in 2D/3D, but I doubt it. My intro to the idea of running diff memory speeds comes from the fact that the FX5800 series of card is set to do exactly that ! Which is why I tried it in the first place ? Wasn't convinced of any benefits with my card however, so I don't use it that way ?

Therefore for the memory speed problem, I think Fahim should check that both the driver coolbits and rivatuner are disabled to ensure they are not overriding the bios at bootup ??

And, its not too surprising that if you mod your original bios with a lot of the 5950u goodies, that it will perform much better ? Also, always keep in mind that all the parameters used in a 5950u bios are for 2.0ns chips. Your card has lesser chips and therefore we can presume many parameters in your original bios are specifically suited to your cards components ?

Bios modding at the moment is about selecting and using the best bits from the better bios's, and not about forcing people to use 5950u bios's unless they want to ?

Which card exactly are you using, and what is the heatsinking like ??

And, for any extra heat generated, if core/memory heatsinking reasonably good then I suggest you set a fan to force more airflow over card ? I use a fan on the side of my case to blow air accross my cpu and 5900 card !
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