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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

rewt, Althogh your heatsinking looks fine, I dont think it is good enough for running your card at 5950u levels and beyond ?? I keep saying to people, that a 5950u card has very good heatsinking because it has to remove a lot of heat, and its only running at 475/950 ??

I therefore suggest, you definately fit case side fans to blow more airflow over your card ! But also remember its not only important to get the right airflow accross the internal components, its also just as important to ensure good airflow through the case to keep things cool !

My Aopen 5900nu which is flashed to a MSI5950u and running at 300/500/1000, is based on the original Nvidia design and therefore is fitted with the original large black heatsinks over core and memory chips ! So heat is under reasonable control ! And as I said before, I also have a side fan blowing more air over both my overclocked CPU and overclocked 5900 !!
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