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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by rewt
well, if you take a look at the BFG 5950 it has the same cooling design (with added heatpipe to cool the memory on the rear side). Check However, something has been done to the 5950u BIOS to decrease temps, but not quite sure what that is. Any suggestions?
I saw that their BFG5950u used the same design, and it is going to run hot ! But not as hot as yours running at the same or higher speeds, as I believe 5950u cores are specially selected and 5950u's memory chips can naturally run at 1000MHz ? Also, there are many parameters within the 5950u bios controlling timings and thus temperatures, however this is an area still being looked at ? From my perspective however it can only be looked at for 5900nu's, but will hopefully ultimately provide the info you seek ?

also, don't be fooled that a 5950u runs cool all the time ??? run the rivatuner realtime hardware monitor, then run your high stress game or performance test, and see just how high the core temp gets ? When playing about with extreme overclocking and high stress testing, I have had my card at 90c+ ! Fortunately with no lasting side effects !

Typical temps for various standard clocked 59xx cards can be seen here,

and these, should be your expected temps if you run at the same levels as these cards !!!


and as you can see, the BFG5950u is one of the hottest !!! Doesn't say much for their heatsinking/cooling design ?
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