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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

power supply is thermaltake 480 (550 peak)
using forceware 61.12
As for it being a chaintech, thats what the origional bios says the manufacturer
is, so bfg just slapped fan/hs and memory hs , then upped the core/mem?

My system :

Thermaltake 480 PSU
Asus A7N8X D model Revision 2 Deluxe
Uber bios 1007
(I replaced the green power LED on mainboard with a blue LED)
Athlon XP thoroughbred-B 2400+/266 (OC'd 11x200)
Thermaltake Volcano 7 HS, PC Toys 80mm adjustale speed fan
Buffalo 256MB PC3200 x3 Dual Channel Memory (Winbond ch-5) 768MB total
ATI TV Wonder PCI slot 5
120GB WD Pri-Master IDE
20GB Maxtor Pri-Slave IDE
Plextor 504a DVD+R/RW Sec-Master IDE
80GB Maxtor Sec-Slave IDE
(Yeah I know your not supposed to run a HD on same cable as Optical but I've
not had any problems)
1.4MB floppy
Lian-Li PC82COM aluminum case
2 exhaust fans
On-board Soundstorm audio
Logitech PS2 Keyboard
Logitech PS2 mouse (replaced red LED with blue LED)
PC Toys 14" Cathode Black light
BFG Technologies FX5900XT OC
Win XP Pro SP1

I tried the chaintech bios' but it ran slower, probably a heat issue.
The whole problem may be heat related ?
Will be a few weeks before I look for a cooling solution and retry.
Saved all my bios files so just a matter of flashing/testing
Thanks for all the info and help!
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