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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

tried the aopen bios too but the memory still is too hot.
I had bought some bfg heatsink kits and used the little ones.
I cut them to fit each single memory.
As bfg didnt put the thermal monitor, and I have no temp monitor
I just physically,carefully, touch the mem sinks and thier hot enough
to burn fingers if constant contact is made, way too hot.
I didnt change gpu core , is at 390/430 memory,even at bfg stock speed
736 will roast my flanges (fingers)
I know I'm running the ragged edge but obtain no problems, weather it be burning a full dvd , running a game , or just surfing the web.

As a test to see how high I could go, I ran at 390/430/930 way o/c'ing
(actually hopeing to burn it up) I already ordered a leadtech, lol

It ran w/o lockups or artifacts!!! but gpu core reset to 399.
Checking temps I first just tried to touch back of the pcb of video card
and it was extremely roasting, needless to say, I didnt get near the memory sinks but gpu core was cool !!!
I've reflashed back to stock, these are well built for taking extreme heat, I'll give bfg/chaintech that credit, although I wouldnt run like that too long,

I have this power supply

Anyway I'm looking at this cooling solution
but am not sure if it'll work on this card.

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