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Unhappy am i gettin ripped off?

hey -
i ordered an A350 Ultra (Leadtek's 5900 Ultra) for $319 and they sent me the non-ultra version..
so - i'm not sure what to do.. both cards perform about the same on todays software.. they are also about as valuable i guess, considering that the non-ultra A350 is also a sought after card that is pretty hard to find.. plus this one is right here already and to get the ultra i'll bet they would make me pay the shipping and wait for days and days..
i can't seem to find many reviews where they compare the 5900 to the Ultra.. does someone here know if the Ultra is really a great amount superior to a non? i figure the 256 megs might become more valuable as software complexity progresses and i like to keep my vid cards as long as possible..
so anyway - they may not even have the ultra card at all - there is no mension of more than one kind of A350 on their site..
so - i guess - don't buy from this place - especially their A350 Ultra.. -
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