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Default Re: am i gettin ripped off?

If you ordered an Ultra, paid for it and they sent you a non-ultra then definatley send it back and demand that they sent you the right product you paid for. Not only did you pay for 256mb of RAM and get only 128mb, but you also bought superior performance through the higher clocks (which should allow for even more overclocking) and were swiftley ripped-off when they sent you that inferior card....

As its their fault they sent you the wrong item, not yours, they shouldnt charge you any P&P and if they wont collect it (some places send out a collection paid for by them) then they should compensate you for the postal charges for you to send it back to them.

Id email them/be on the phone to them and complain a little - maybe they will knock you something off a 5950 Ultra or something for the hassle worth a try.

On another note....
Incidentally, why did you buy the 5900 at this time in the year when all these new cards are coming out? The 6800nu is going to be less than $300! and the Radeon X800 Pro is about $299 isnt it (sorry dont live in the US so i cant comment on the prices over there exactley)?

At the risk of sounding even more biased than people already think i am why not just snag a 9800pro for about $150-£200? Same performance and a better investment due to its better PS/VS performance (well its better all round actually, but still).

However if there is another reason you went for a 5900 then just ignore me...

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