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Default Re: am i gettin ripped off?

hey ford442, I was helping you decide between the 5900NU and the XT. Sorry to hear about what happened with this company, but here's what i gotta add:
I would do like everyone else said, contact this company, DEMAND a refund/product exchange for the real ADVERTISED product. If they attempt to tell you anything about the invoice saying 128mb, tell them how it is. There is no such thing as a 5900 Ultra 128mb, and the product description has ultra written all over it. So does the box picture. I cannot find anything on the site informing customers that the product picture and description might not reflect the product you will receive. Either way, even if it does say that, the 5900 ULtra and the Non ultra are 2 totally different products, and if they mixed them up in shipping, product description you should not have to pay for it. It is their fault. Call 'em up, email, w/e, just demand a refund or product exchange... Good luck.
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