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Default Re: Fx5800U?!?! Plz help

Some feller is selling new XFX 5900XTs on eBay for $165 shipped ($15 shipping, and $149.99 Buy-It-Now price).

I just got one of them. Although he is advertising '390/700' for the clocks - he obviously just copied his item description down from the XFX webpage.

Most early XFX 5900XTs had 800 mem clock, and the one I got did, as well. Stock memory cooling - no vMod or anything - nVidia's "auto detect" feature gave me 960 on the memory.

His name is belohocel if you want to check it out. Still has 20 available as of the moment I'm writing this.

(Even stock, these maul a 5800U badly. Yeah, it has 1ghz memory. So, what? It's 128bit! To be faster than a 5900XT's 256bit at 800mhz, it would have to be running at 1.6ghz!!!)
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