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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

hello, i have a oc question need help. Thanks

i have bfg fx5900 oc
first i try aopen mod bios. -- not good. keep throttling back to lower clock speed
then i try few other till point of view bios and i can hit 490/900 stable and score around 5500 in 3dmark03. i have tried 490/850, 490/870,490/880, tol 490/900 and the 3dmark03 score is increase untill when i hit memory to 910. the 3dmark03 mark drop to 5000. so i assume 490/900 is my card max speed.
here come the question, why when i flash the chinatech mod bios 480/850. i can score 3dmark03 around 5500 which equal pov 490/900 score??

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