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Default Re: Fx5800U?!?! Plz help

Originally Posted by Ruined
I'd go with the 5900XT, cause its gonna be in the same league as the 5800U without AA/AF, and faster with high levels of AA/AF.

But most importantly, the 5800U is friggin loud, even at idle, while the 5900XT is very quiet.

Even better, go with the eVGA 5900SE (400/700) $189 which is faster than the XT
So much misinformation from one person!

I don't know what you consider "high levels of AA/AF" but the 5800U is going to be on par with 5900SE/XTs at playable settings.
At UT2003 10X7 4X8X, the 5800U gets 54.4fps, the 5900XT got 47.6fps. That's losing by 15% Ruined.
At Nascar Thunder 2004 10X7 4X8X, the 5800U gets 37.3 fps, the 5900XT gets 32.4, again losing by over 15%.
Huh. At Call of Duty 10X7, 4X8X, the 5800U is poundng the 5900xt AGAIN. 5800U=45.2fps, 5900XT=39.7

The 5800U is "friggin loud, even at idle"?! That's pretty amazing considering the FAN DOESN'T EVEN RUN AT IDLE. What's making the "frigging loud" noise, Ruined? The 5800U is dead silent when not running games.

Why is the 5900SE better ruined? I checked at newegg, the 5900XTs are all at 390/700, except the MSI which is at 400/700. Do you really think 10MHz on the core is going to make a difference?

Even stock, these maul a 5800U badly. Yeah, it has 1ghz memory. So, what? It's 128bit! To be faster than a 5900XT's 256bit at 800mhz, it would have to be running at 1.6ghz!!!)
Notice the 5900XT losing pretty badly to the 5800U in links above. Sure about your statement, have any links to back it up?
In that THG article, the 5800U beat the 5900XT at 9/10 benchmarks no AA/AF, and at all three 4x8X benches by a good margin, even with it's 128 bit memory. What up, guys, looks like my 5800U is displaying some ownage on the XTs?

I am going on vacation now, but you guys are


BTW- before you start posting, "well the 5800U would start losing at higher resolutions and detail settings", note those framerates and how you wouldn't really want your average much lower?
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