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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by Kev1

I want to do the memory latency mod and change the 43 to 40. Using the hex editor in XBios, I did this with a copy of the bios and saved it. Now all I have to do is reflash my video card just as I did before, right? (Using the modified bios of course, and wfflash which is what I used before).

From reading these threads this seems to be the only mod I want to do to the 5950 bios. Is it ok to just adjust the latency values and nothing else? Or must I adjust another value?


if you are happy to run your card at the 300/475/950 speeds of a 5950u then yes only change the latency of "43" to "40". You will gain a bit more performance, and by keeping to the standard 5950u speeds, you shouldn't have any overtemping/overstressing problems ?
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