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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by XanderF
Another note....

I now have an XFX 5900XT, so I took a look at the BIOS on it (backed it up). Instead of this:
"07 03 0F 03"

I have this:
"07 03 0F 43"

Since ending it with '40' was considered a good timing for overclocking, I suppose I have nothing to do, as mine is already better.

That's probably why I hit 960 memory on stock cooling and voltage.

I guess the question is....would it be worth anything taking this higher? 50, maybe? Or, would the timings start being too loose for the increased overclock potential to make up the difference? (IE, diminishing returns catches up with us, there?)
you are reading the data wrong !! If your new card and its original bios shows latency values at "07 03 0F 43" instead of "07 03 0F 03" then maybe XFX manufacturers have been reading too many of my posts ? Because the "43" rating is 5900nu, 5900u and 5950u only and is due to the 2.2ns or better memory used ! The tighter "03" value of all XT's was originally done to improve the performance of slow 2.86ns memory chips !

so what you need to do is set the latency values in the eight appropriate latency words to "40" ! I have found this to be a good value without affecting overclocking and/or stability ! Experiment with lower values on an XT may improve performance, but it will be at the expense of overclocking capability ? However you may be able to find a "sweet spot" of performance for your card ? But be careful as playing with memory timings may cause serious problems ! As I don't have a XT, I have done no XT trials in this area ! Also, I doubt raising its value will achieve much, because even if it allows better overclocking, you will because of higher delays probably be reducing inherent performance ? As I have said to many others, You can't get a silk purse from a sow's ear
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