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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by cstring
whoa 14 A is way too low, for the 12, I think the min is 18 A.
And yup, 18A is continuous.
MBM shows steady
As for the oc, I reset to stock untill I can clear up heat problem.

As for the core reset, its also got me stumpped!
399 isnt in the bios , anywhere. so why its resetting to that is mystery.

Also ordered a leadtek 5900xt , I may replace this bfg and solve the
problem that way :-)
Thanks for your input, always good to have help from someone who pays attention to detail and knows what thier doing!
yes I knew the Qtech 12v continuous rating was a bit lean, however it was a very cheap PSU and up until my recent mobo/CPU overclocking activities and changing from using a ti4200 to an highly overclocked 5900nu I had no problems !! So we sometimes have to learn the hard way ? If only hindsight was something you could buy ?

your choice of a Leadtek XT is a good !

And not having 399MHz anywhere in your bios, certainly does confuse things, unless it is in bios as 398, 399, 400 etc ??? I assume you are using rivatuner hardware monitor to see just what is happening as your core speed is changing ? Also, remember the levels are not precise to what is set, it will be adjusted ? Rivatuner shows,my bios's binary settings of 300/500/1000 to be actually generated as 300.8/501.2/1002.4 !

However , maybe we will just have to keep an ear to the ground untill someone else experiences the same problem ?
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