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Default Re: am i gettin ripped off?

Originally Posted by vampireuk
Jesus christ, no offence but grow some balls. You got ripped off and should contact the company straight away about their mistake and demand they fix it. Don't just pussyfoot around because you don't want to cause a fuss. Get the damn product you ordered!
No sh*t, or you can be a victim...all your life. You have to be firm about these sorts of things. Don't be nice to them after they screwed up. And this isn't some small goof, it's costing you lots of money that either you or your parents worked for.

And if they play dumb, tell them you're a paying customer and demand some f*cking respect. Never settle for less…man…something like this recently happened to my sister, except she bought diamonds. And yes, she went back and didn’t leave until she was satisfied.
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