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Default Re: Fedora Core 2 and dual-booting

The fdisk trick actually doesn't work here; this bug totally hoses an install, because it physically changes the way the BIOS sees the hard drive's geometry; if the hard disk is not forced to LBA in the BIOS, Fedora's install will change its identification to C/H/S, which Windows is unable to boot from. For instance even after running the fdisk /mbr command, all I would get after POST is a message saying something to the tune of "bad system disk"; not even a complete re-install of Windows XP could fix the issue; I had to delete all partitions on the drive, repartition it, and do a full format/re-install (of course now that I've done some reading the solution would have been as simple as forcing LBA in the BIOS).

From what I've read the easiest fix (wish I would have known this when I encountered the issue), is simply to force LBA in the BIOS; for most people this has brought back their XP/2k setups. Still a scary issue though, especially since it was reported way back in FC2 Test 1 stages, and still isn't fixed even though its final version has been released.
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