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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes


i have some questions.

01. Can I flash my MSI FX 5900XT with 5900U/5950U BIOS. I heard that flashing with 5900/5950 bios causes temperature drop. Is it true??

02. My 9800P memory (Samsung GC2A, probably 2.8ns) runs at stock (680MHz) is hotter than FX memory (Hynix 2.5ns) @ 850MHz. So, should I feel safe about FX memory (No ramsink)?

03. By changing latency from 43/03 to 40 means higher CAS or lower CAS?? Maybe higher as it causes higher overclocking.

04. Is it too risky to remove the heatspreader from core?? FX is now running @ 450/850. It is rock stable @ 485MHz also. I don't want to overclock more but I think without heatspreader, FX will run cooler.

Thanks for your time & effort, Jimmor.


Jimmor, Can I mod the "clock/memory/latency/volt" of FX 5200, 5600, 5700, 5800 the same way I can mod 59xx???

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