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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Yeah, the more I thought about hardcoding core speed, the less sense it made.
Then I thought maybe if I searched for 399 (DC 9B 00 00) and 400 (40 9C 00 00)
that maybe I'd find it.
399 revealed nothing but I found 4 instances of 400 or 40 9C 00 00.
I looked through xbios editor hex editor on 3 different bios,
the backup of origional I made
an 750 memory clocked version
and an 810 memory clocked version
all of which I made.

1 is at the end of 0x6DD0 to begining of 0x6DF0
2 is near middle of 0xAFE0
3 is at begining of 0xAFF0
4th is at end of 0xED20

Was wondering if these could possiably be settings for throttling?
I havent changed them, just looking at possibilities.
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