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Default Re: Thief 3 Deadly Shadows Thread

Originally Posted by Mike89
If someone else would have made this game using a different engine it would have probably been a good game. If the makers would have been from Painkiller, Manhunt, or FarCry, it would have run right.

I'm so sick and tired of games that run like this one does. No matter how good the game content is, the whole thing gets blown by a game that runs poorly. At least this is the way it is for me. To me the 6800 Ultra (from Mike C's stats) is not even running it fast enough.

I tried the demo, already un-installed it, I'm done with this POS. People who make games that run like this should get out of this business period and let the ones who know what they're doing handle it.

I may install it one more time when I get my X800XT PE to give it one more spin. Mike C's stats are better but there is only so much a vid card can do if it's a game issue. I have never been a big fan of the Unreal engine to begin with. All these game makers want to concentrate on visuals and the latest do dads, fine, but give me a game that runs decent. Some of those guys got their priorities backwards. I guess that's a by-product of pressure, deadlines, and trying to make a buck.
I agree. I have the Xbox version, and it's a dog.

Yet, Ninja Gaiden runs at 60 fps 99.5% of the time.

Yes, I know it's to do with realtime shadows, but ion storm absolutely knows, like we all do, the older nvidia hardware can't handle shadows well.

So, when a guard runs up to you with a torch in his hand, it's a slideshow.

I wasted my $$$ on it for sure. It's trade-in fodder now.
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