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Default Re: Thief 3 Deadly Shadows Screenshots

Originally Posted by mario64
Yeah, me too. Those numbers are quite disappointing. I wonder what kind of fps a X800XT would get?
Actually, I was pleased with the results from the GeForce 6800 Ultra after having read a number of discussions concerning subpar performance. Thief 3 has a dynamic shadow engine, which interacts with a real-time lighting system. This feature adds a new dimension to gameplay and is the result of innovative game developers.

As gamers we demand increased realism, yet we are quick to judge the developer as incompetent when our systems don't perform as expected. Although my initial results were with level 4 multisampling (4X AA) enabled at 1024x768, I am also testing other settings.

I have an X800 Pro running on another PC and had planned to spend time testing Thief 3 on it. Performance looked encouraging, but there were a number of problems with the Catalyst 4.5 drivers. I could not enable AA at all and there were a variety of texture related issues.

The most annoying problem was with shifting textures. For example, I kept the player stationary as shown in the first screenshot below. While the player's up and down bobbing motion took place, the textures on the ceiling were continuously shifting from the right to the left.

I read that the Catalyst 4.4 resolve some of these issues, but I don't know if they support the X800.
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