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Question how to make nvidia driver work on Red Hat 9 updated kernel (2.4.20-31)

As it´s written on the title. I have no problem installing nvidia on RH9 custom kernel (2.4.20-8), I know why, the kernel sources for this versions are installed. But once I upgrade it to 2.4.20-31, using RH official rpm, it stops working(if it was installed before upgrading kernel) or doesn´t install (of course, i don´t have the sources...).
Either I find a way to obtain the sources for 2.4.20-31 kernel or I find a working rpm to install the nvidia driver.
I tried the one from, could install it without problems, even load the module with modprobe, but couldn´t make XF86 find it.
I tried putting the whole .o driver path, create a simbolic link in modules.conf, but nothing... I´m quite a newbie, so I must also have done something wrong...
Any help would be apreciated. Staying with .20-8 is not a valid option...
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